Energy Management Service

Our active energy management (AEM) team shares your passion to buy energy smarter while strategizing best practices for your plant 

At Rave energy we facilitate our manufacturing clients to develop a strategy by offering engineering services, providing free energy efficiency audit, including harmonics study, industrial network Audit and many more. Our only goal is to facilitate and sustain results over time through long-term partnerships. Our engineering team offers combine experience of 100 years, and as an independent consultant, we work with you and your team closely. We offer services all 50 states and 12 international locations. Let us show you how we can help you achieve your energy and sustainability goals. Services our team offers: 

1)   Buy Energy smarter 
2)   Energy efficiently study 
3)   Sustainable growth 
4)   Visualize Data 
5)    Power System Study 
6)   Industrial Network Audit 
7)   DER aggregator  

Buy Energy smarter 
Achieve energy savings 
• Capture attractive market pricing 
• Encourage energy supplier competition 
• Negotiate best energy contract terms 
• Recover energy invoice errors 

Control operating costs 
• Anticipate market threats and opportunities 
• Maintain costs within budget threshold 
• Protect your position in global commodity markets 
• Forecast energy budgets accurately 

Monitor energy purchasing performance 
• Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time 
• Know your financial goals are easily audited 
• Visualize portfolio value and risk exposure 
• Plan with site-level and enterprise-wide budgets 

Energy efficiently study

Build a business case for enterprise efficiency 
• Align efficiency goals with corporate goals 
• Secure buy-in from executives and facility stakeholders 
• Develop an opportunity profile and financial plan 

Accelerate results across complex, global portfolios 
•   Achieve 15-30% operational and energy savings 
•   Drive change across your entire portfolio 
•   Ensure ongoing performance and savings

Continuously optimize efficiency performance 
• Monitor every site for efficiency opportunities 
• Identify cause of comfort and maintenance issues 
• Extend asset and equipment life and performance 

Sustainable growth: 

Measure your sustainability ROI 
• Achieve energy savings 
• Track progress with sustainability reporting
• Manage metrics and set benchmarks 
• Avoid compliance failure penalties 

Invest in clean, renewable energy 
• Buy renewable energy 
• Reduce your carbon footprint 
• Disrupt unsustainable economic systems 
• Set carbon reduction goals 

Maintain your competitive edge
• Enhance your corporate reputation 
• Cultivate a green-conscious workforce 
• Promote brand integrity 
• Engage with your stakeholder community 

Visualize Data 

Access complete, accurate data 
• Make decisions with confidence 
• Lower data collection costs 
• Document all changes with audit trails 
• Rely on a single source of truth for the enterprise 

Enable corporate transparency 
• Set and manage corporate targets 
• Drive engagement through analysis and reports 
• Collaborate with partners, suppliers and employees 
• Inspire action on plans and projects 

Track energy and sustainability performance 
• Increase profitability by monitoring costs 
• See performance against sustainability targets 
• Benchmark and prioritize efficiency projects 
• Identify billing errors and resolve issues 

Power System Study 

• Rave Energy Engineering team will perform yearly Harmonics study 
• Generate report on load flow and power factor correction and Harmonic Analysis 
• Evaluate impact on the system due to utility voltage harmonic distortion specified in IEEE Standard 
• Investigate root causes of a system with history of harmonic-related problems 
• Identify failure of power-factor compensation capacitors, overheating of cables, transformers, motors, etc. 

Industrial Network Audit 

• Identify packet loss 
• Generate report on industrial network
• Identify/verify industrial network best practices 
• Identify industrial network security 

DER aggregator

• Rave energy is one of the pioneers to invest on DER (Distributed Energy Resources) or Microgrid technology
• Which means our customers will be the first in line to be part of DER and benefitted from dynamic rate advantage. 
• As an initial DER aggregator, our customers will gain financial advantage by contributing their excess energy in DER marketplace.