About Us

Rave Energy is revolutionizing the way industry works!

Rave uses technology to understand how businesses can use energy more efficiently and offers energy contracts customized to needs. Our dedicated account managers work with medium to large scale businesses to build a tailored energy usage plan for more efficient use of energy. 

Our experts are highly experienced in working with large scale businesses to understand their active hours, peak hours and spike rates to offer a tailor-made plan that lowers the costs of energy and helps the environment through efficient use. Our team also advises the business of all available grants and credits available for efficient enery use. 

Meet our team

Our People make the difference. 
Business Management
Zoher is an experienced business manager and brings huge operations management skills with him. Zoher makes Rave an well oil oiled machine by making sure the process works seamlessly.   
VP of Sales
Asef integrates himself in customer's business process to truly understand business needs to tailor the product to customer's needs.
VP of Sales
Saadman the "Rush" is industry expert in energy. Saadman's unique industry knowledge helps him explain industry trends to business and helps save the most money. 
Chief of Operations
Tarek has years of experience of in technology and global business relationships. Tarek's extensive experience in technology make Rave standout in the industry.